Case study 2: Tracing
Group Indonesia 6: Ida -Dessy

Steps will be taken in order to try tracing Jean-Claude's family are:

1. go through carefully document of identification and documentation
1. details information of her family
2. details information of her extended family
3. details information of her neighborhoods
4. details information of her teachers (include nonformal teachers e.g the religion teacher)
5. details information of her friends

2. Ask Jane to draw a picture of her old house and its surrounding (Jane's and her family mobility mapping ) to add new details of her life before separation

3. Make a mapping of each people location and their routine activities to find out where and how can be met or reached.

4. At the same time, set up the central tracing location where all gathered information are available.

5. Contact the local authority of the place where Jane was met

6. Contact the original place where Jane lived and seek information where other community fled away and provide Jane's photograph, copy of Jane's mobility mapping, and surrounding (the mobility mapping), and the contact person and number

7. Contact other organizations/agencies who work with the displacement people and provide Jane's photograph, , and the central tracing location contact person and number

8. Provide information of Jane and her parents' name and copy of Jane's mobility mapping at public meeting, radio, posters and flyers, this will include the central tracing location contact person and number.

Factors that may hinder the tracing process:
ü The local authority of Jane's original place is collapse, not working so there is no information available
ü The psychological condition of Jane will influence her respons as well as her ability to recall all of informations about her family.
ü Jane’s relatives, neighbors, friends are hard to finded/contacted.
ü The situation is getting worse (e.g the war or riot is still going on and increasing tense), so people are still moving on from one place to another place
ü Prioritize activities is conducting tracing by publishing Jane's photographs and mobility mapping through public meeting, flyers and posters.