Separated Children Case Study 1
What do you need to find out about Jean-Claude? How are you going to find answers to these questions?

We would need to carry out a process of identification by first figuring out his full name, where he is from and develop a family tree to map out his immediate and extended family. To facilitate the interviewing process to gather information from him, we could use participatory tools such as having him map out his journey and identify key landmarks along the way especially where he had been separated from his siblings. We could then also verify his information by interviewing adults and other children who have travelled the same journey together to get more specific details that Jean-Claude might have forgotten or who might have seen where his siblings went. We could also use other participatory tools to have him explain his daily routine and activities prior to displacement to map out his social networks within his village to identify other individuals in his community who could be potential caregivers. This process could also feed into the design of child-friendly interventions which would not be too foreign to the separated children’s previous context. We would also need to develop a contextual analysis of who he is, from a political, religious, cultural and social point of view, so as to identify possible risks and threats that he might face within the current conflict and displacement situation, which would then inform any protection efforts on our part. We would also need to supplement this information with prior desk review and information from other agencies working in the area.