Group 8:
Evadana (from group 1)
Case Study:
Psychososial Intervention for Children in Emergency Situation
Designing activities for children
The venue that we are looking for
Based on Age
Based on Gender
0-5 year
6-12 year
13-18 year
19-21 year (youth)
We use resilience approach by using:
- Support group
- Play based approach (art, drama, music)
- Health issues (physic & mental)
- Behavioral issues
- Coping strategies
- Emotional, social, cognitive, spiritual well being
- Education
- Nutrition
- We assume that resilience approach is more positive than deficit approach.
“Doing No Harm”
Because we want to make sure we do not fall into the bad examples of "do no harm" issues, which some of them are: poor coordination, ‘instant’ counselors, lack of follow up support, stigmatization as well.
That’s why it is very important for us to approach these problems cautiously and make step-by-step plans that can be periodically evaluated by using coordination, assessment, monitoring and evaluation, health services, community mobilization and support, shelter and site planning, water and sanitation, human resources, education, food security and nutrition.
We have to build the trust and integrate the program with their tradition/ custom.
Hold a ceremony that is very close to their tradition, allow them to grieve. We don’t recommend creating specialized programs due to stigmatization issues.