Case Study : Separated Children IV
Indonesia : Group5
By: Tuti, Titi, Tinduk
1. What preparation for the family and for the children will be necessary for this reunification to take place successfully?
§ The family should be informed where child was before (with whom he/she stayed, what family, location of stay) thus preparing themselves of possible child’s behavior change or needs. As much as possible the family also reminds the child of his/her habit for the child to feel at home.
§ Provision of a “kit” of basic food staples, farming tools seeds as well as education and health vouchers to help with the transitional period.
§ The supporting agency should prepare signing-documentation which also reflecting the readiness of the family to receive their child.
§ The supporting agency should provide advice and counseling when necessary during the transitional period.
For the child:
§ The re-unification should not be done abruptly, but providing time for the children to adjust themselves into their family after separation for sometime.
2. What key elements should be included in the actual re-unification of the family with the children?
- Identified the Child identity and family . For some reason we should have a detail information about the family , especially if the family not their parents or sibling. The aspect of cultural background should be understand clearly, because in many ethnic have patriarchal and matriarchal system , and it will be related to the right to adoption or who is have a responsibility to care the children.
As much as possible family should have support from their expanded family and/or a small group within the community. The expanded family and/or small group within the community may help the family to raise the children
3. What sort of follow-up might be required for the children and the family?
- Livelihood support for the family (the most important thing), Assistance with school fees or other time, Material support
- Monitoring and evaluation the condition of the children and family . For the children we should make sure that their live in good condition , make an observation about the children health, are they have mall nutrition ? are their home proper and have sanitation system? Are the children have education ?
- After emergency situation and arm conflict , many social problem can be appear, like poverty, criminality and economic rush. This situation can be end up in violence in family , where children and women are the vulnerable victims. Evaluation and monitoring process should recognize this situation and collect suitable data for next program.
- For the family : improvement on of economic capacity should be the priority . For some cases this should be done in level of community.
- The family should have information about the support group or social care centre that can be help them when they face a problem like violence, jobless, economic crisis and starving.