Separated Children
Case Study 1 : Identification and Documentation

By. Indonesia Group: Nur Firdaus

A. Summary of Case Story Child
Personal Information: His name is Jean-Claude, and he was 8 years old. Actually he live with his parent and all of his brothers and sisters on hillside in country “X”.

Family Information:
· Jean Claude has parent, two sisters and two little brothers.
· His parent, and two his sisters now separated from him in the origin location
· His younger brother, Pascal (male), also separated from the origin location
· His other younger brother, Emile (male), 3 years old, also separated about 10km from the Red Cross Camp, that he stay for safety

B. Objective of Action
· To protect and take care of separated children from their family
· To prevent from violence, kidnapping, and also trafficking possibilities
· To reunite the children with their family as soon as possible

C. Consideration things used on Family Reunification Action
1. Guiding Principles for Humanitarian Action on Behalf of Separated Children
· Best Interest: should guide all decisions and action
· Participation: right of child to participate in action
· Family Unity: all children have a right to a family, and families have a right and responsibility to take care of their children. And every effort should made to preserve family unity

2. Protection from Further Harm:
· Protection child from against exploitation and child abuse,
· Prevent adoption and evacuation,
· Avoid use of institutions and orphanages,
· Separate care and education function of religious boarding schools

3. Identification and Documentation Step:
In this step we will identify all children in need of assistance in locating their family members. In this case we will help Jean Claude to be reunite with his family members if they in same areas as soon as possible. Those steps are:
· Take information from Jean Claude and linked to him. We will interview him but in quite and comfort situation, good psychologically condition, and friendly question to him, and its all to avoid hurt him. We will ask him all about family detail, characteristic of his family members, etc. Beside that, we also ask his relatives, neighbors of him who know well about his family. We will also do analyze or predict where his other family members live and his parent also.
· Important for complete the data, we should include his picture (after he has good condition).
· Map all possibilities places in that area, like: hospital, school, camps, border crossings, temporary shelter, reverence place. And after that we coordinate to person stake holder to help us find Jean Claude’s family.
· We will also progress this information to all those places, and if any good information we inform to him.
· While he is waiting, we will give him tasks or education, and also accompany him to protect and cover him from any bad things.

4. Next Steps:
· Tracing
· Verification
· Reunification
· Follow-up of him