The assignments outlined below have been generalized for all participants (from all three countries) in the course.
Students in each country should refer to their country outlines (posted below for convenience) for the specific deadlines and assignments that will be used for their evaluation in the course.

I. Guiding Questions
- Think about the “Guiding Questions” as you watch the recorded video of the lecturer and read the required readings for the session.
- Be prepared to share some of your reflections during the facilitated discussion
- There is no written component for this

II. Discussion Questions
- Deadline: Submitted/posted by Tuesday at midnight before Thursday’s class
- Group Assignment (composed, posted and presented in class as a group)
- Directions:
o After watching the recorded video of the lecturer and reading the required readings for your group’s assigned session, as a group, come up with 1-2 substantive and comprehensive questions based on the materials.
o Post these questions online under the “Discussion” tab for that session on the WikiScholars site by the Tuesday night (by midnight) before Thursday’s class.
o Be prepared to pose these questions to the class (including students in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the US) during the discussion following the discussant’s presentation.

III. Case Study Responses
- Deadline: Submitted/posted by Monday at midnight before Thursday’s class
- Group Assignment (composed and posted as a group)
- Directions:
o Case studies will be discussed during the first half of class (in Indonesia and Sri Lanka) /the second half of class (in New York) on Thursday
o Following class the group will compile their discussion notes into a written response and post it online (follow “Posting Instructions” to do this)

IV. “Blog” Responses to Case Studies
- Deadline: Submitted/posted by Wednesday at midnight before Thursday’s class
- Individual Assignment (responses composed by each individual)
- Directions:
o After case study responses are posted by all groups students are encouraged to respond to at least two case studies (one from the other two countries) and post these responses prior to class
o Students are encouraged to develop a continuous responsive dialogue through writing these responses
o Students should check their own posted group case study for responses and can choose to respond to these postings as well

Country Outlines:
Columbia University - Assignments Outline
University of Indonesia - Assignments Outline