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    Purposive Sampling Method
    People working closely with children: teachers, community caregivers (if available), caregivers.
    in village.
    Due to limited resources, the areas to target will be prioritized based on areas that are severely affected.
    Random Sampling is too expensive and time consuming to conduct.
    Children working closely w/children know best about the condition of the children before/after the disaster.
    in village.
    We prioritized to severely affected areas because there are high possibilities that severely affected areas have more casualties, more displaced population, and more separation of children, which may lead to higher risk incidents for children.
    Senior management of agencies, humanitarian actors, government, CPWG members.
    2 days
    data collections.
    This method ensures the supervisor to transmit the site report of each completed site to data entry team.
    We assume that we have limited technology resources, therefore we do not want the data collection process to depend on the availability of computers in the field. It is always safer to assume the worst so that we can be more prepared. We choose fax instead of e-mails because we do not know how reliable internet services are in emergency situations.
    It would be nice to have longer assessment period, but due to the nature of the issues, we want to make sure we act fast enough to save and protect the children.
    In addition, since 3 weeks have passed, we want to capture as much info before the displaced individuals move back to their village or move away to another
    required tools.
    Descriptive analysis is one of the least complicated methods of analysis.
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